EuroFISHion is an international online contest to sing your heart out to original songs about fish and rivers!

When the 2020 Eurovision contest announced their theme “Open Up”, we were inspired to adopt their song contest model to create momentum for river restoration and fish migration. The contest was launched on World Fish Migration Day 2020, and submissions poured in from people of all ages around the world. That year’s WFMD theme was “Love Flows”, and we received 35 stunning love songs that raised awareness for fish and rivers whilst tugging at heartstrings and getting us up on our feet to dance! The contest ended with a fantastic two-hour

show featuring ten finalists, and juried by our panel of judges from nine countries.

The best global fish/river advocacy event ever!

Laura Wildman, USA

Ready for some great news? Eurofishion is back in 2022!

Starting this fall, you are invited to submit your video of an original (or remixed) song about fish and rivers to our contest and win the Happy Fish Cup and a possibility to share your song with millions of river and fish lovers around the world! 

This year’s theme is “Break Free”! With millions of barriers keeping migratory fish from completing their life cycles, we want to encourage river heroes far and wide to advocate for free flowing rivers, the removal of barriers, and the return of rivers full of fish. Show us how you break free!

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