Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz (NLWKN)

Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation Agency: When our partners and clients, and also the general public, take a look behind the scenes, they are amazed at the wide range of services we provide.

We are a Land authority under the supervision of the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment and Climate Protection. We see ourselves as a modern service provider – in every respect. We protect people from the results of floods, storm surges or hazardous radiation, and we provide industry, other public authorities and the general public with competent expert information on the overall situation in our rivers and nature as a whole.

We are a Land agency (not a Land office): Our operational instruments create the necessary transparency: Double-entry accounting, business plan, cost accounting, budgeting and control go without saying. The way we are organised allows us to respond more flexibly than other authorities to new challenges. The NLWKN generates earnings of its own, enabling it to finance some of its expenditure itself.

The head office in Norden and the eleven branches assure the NLWKN of a regional presence throughout Lower Saxony. We work with a local focus and are available in all districts of Lower Saxony.

These are the three pillars of NLWKN: An organisation that caters for the widespread structure of Lower Saxony; competent and dedicated staff; and a business-oriented economic approach in line with the standards of a free market economy. Three pillars – all of them strong and sound.

Type of organization: governmental_organisation