The observatory DiaPFC ORE focuses on the study of diadromous migratory fish (salmon, trout, eel, shad, lampreys, etc.). The research aims to understand and predict the evolution of these populations under the effect of changes (climatic and agricultural) of their environment (habitat watershed). The Observatory relies on four river systems associated experimental facilities (in Rennes and Saint Pée). • Oir and Bresle in Normandy (Manche and Seine Maritime). • Scorff in Brittany (Morbihan). • Nivelle in the Basque Country (Pyrénées Atlantiques). OFB-INRAE-Institut Agro-UPPA pole for the management of amphihaline migrants in their environment  is the joint center of study and research . Its main objective is to contribute to the knowledge needed for the protection and restoration of water systems and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. U3E is an experimental unit of INRAE, combining facilities and unique expertise for multidisciplinary research questions on inland water systems. Some devices of U3E are suitable for observation, measurement and description of developments (Oir, Bresle and Scorff rivers); others are dedicated to the experimental approach (Rennes sites and Rheu).

Type of organization: school_university/research/institute