"Be aware and be active
this World Fish Migration Day"

Marlène Devillez
World Fish Migration Day Ambassador for 2024

Happy Fish
Athlete Challenge

For World Fish Migration Day 2024 we established a series of virtual challenges for individuals and groups to gain confidence in their abilities and to help raise awareness about migratory fishes and the distance that they can migrate in freer flowing rivers.

This challenge is for everyone! You can run, walk, swim, cycle, peddle, paddle, row, elliptical, skate, ski, or wheelchair. If we have missed an activity that you have in mind just email us at info@fishmigration.org to confirm the activity that you will be doing. While you can stick to one activity, there is no need to do a single activity for the challenge. For example, you can combine running, walking, and cycling to complete the challenge distances.

You have between 1 January and 30 April 2024 to complete your challenge. The deadline for submitting evidence of your challenge completion is 6 May 2024 at 1200 (noon) Central European Time. Failure to submit your evidence of completion ahead of this time will result in you not receiving a certificate or t-shirt. Evidence of completion needs to be emailed to info@fishmigration.org.

Everyone who completes a challenge verified by WFMD staff will receive a Happy Fish Athlete Challenge certificate that they can download, share, and even print to hang on their wall! The first 100 participants (inclusive of all group members) who register and provide evidence to the WFMD staff of their successful completion of one or more distances challenges, will receive a Happy Fish Athlete Challenge t-shirt.


Anyone who registers for an individual or group challenge via our website and provides us with adequate evidence of their kilometres completed.


1 January – 30 April 2024.


Your local rivers, city, town, village, backyard, school yard, parks, roads, trails, treadmill, or any location where you complete your challenge distances.


Register for a challenge (or more than one) using the button below and send us evidence of your completed distance by email to info@fishmigration.org by 6 May 2024 at 1200 (noon) Central European Time.

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What is the Happy Fish Athlete Challenge?

For individuals

For individuals there are three challenge levels based on distances travelled by three migratory fish species. The challenge distances are drawn from scientific publications and our best estimates.

  • Goby – 300 km challenge.  
  • Shad – 500 km challenge.  
  • Sturgeon – 1000 km challenge.  
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What is the Happy Fish Athlete Challenge?

For groups

For groups of 2 – 5 people, there are also three challenges levels, which are double the distances of the individual challenges. 

  • School of gobies – 600 km challenge.  
  • School of shad – 1000 km challenge.  
  • School of Sturgeon – 2000 km challenge.  
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Challenge Swag

The Happy Fish Athlete Challenge certificate and t-shirt is inspired by the Happy Fish symbol of hope for growing and thriving fish populations and free-flowing rivers for future generations. Happy Fish's “big smile” is a reminder of the positive results that can come from people working together for a shared cause.

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