The River Summit & Festival

The River Summit & Festival

A new event that embraces a global outlook with a local focus – The River Summit & Festival, is set to take place at Morden Hall on the River Wandle, London, on the 21st May 2024. The event will bring together leading international environmentalists, businesses, individuals, brands, and members of the public who share a desire to work towards a more positive future for our rivers.

The event offers the public insight into the expert voices behind the headlines, and the chance for campaigners, advocates, and conservationists to unify. Importantly, The River Summit & Festival promises to be a momentous movement, capturing the essence of community, culture, and environmental consciousness against the backdrop of our beloved rivers.

A panel of speakers will discuss various topics from water scarcity, to agricultural and sewage pollution, the environmental impacts of industrial practices in the countryside, and much more, followed by a Q&A.

There will be wild food, beverages, and workshops throughout the day. Event partners include Orvis UK, South East Rivers Trust, Lakedown Brewing Co., Filson, and Delivita, with more to be announced.

Type of organization: environmental_movement