Impact du Changement climatique sur la pêche

Impact du Changement climatique sur la pêche

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Climate change profoundly affects rivers and their ecosystems. Rising temperatures alter water levels, flow patterns, and habitat conditions, impacting fish spawning and migration. Extreme weather events exacerbate flooding and erosion, jeopardizing riverbanks and adjacent communities. Additionally, changes in precipitation patterns affect water availability, influencing agriculture, industry, and urban water supply. River pollution worsens under climate stress, harming aquatic life and human health. Mitigating climate change requires concerted efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement adaptive measures, safeguarding the health and sustainability of rivers and the communities reliant on them.

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Name of contact person - Naoufel Haddad

Country - Tunisia

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2024-05-14 @ 10:00 (CET) to
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