Launch of the Healthy Danube Network

Launch of the Healthy Danube Network

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On the 24th of May 2024, a momentous event will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, launching the Healthy Danube Network. This network is launched as a thematic network of the Global Network of Water Museums under collaboration with the Danube4all project. This partnership addresses a key gap in knowledge, awareness and participation of empowered local communities and business actors in restoring freshwater ecosystems in the Danube Basin.  

The Healthy Danube Network aims to bring together water museums, visitor centers, community hubs, grassroot communities, and much more, to learn from each other, share exhibitions, and cooperate through among others citizen science implementation. The network enhances education on water sustainability by connecting and offering tools to people and institutions. Future members of the Healthy Danube Network will, or already, showcase several forms of humanity’s connection with water and its natural and cultural heritage, and will in turn profit from the Danube4all tools, resources and (citizen science) events that are planned. 

In honor of the launch, we would like to reveal and open the translated Danube Dragons travelling exhibition in Serbia. This was originally a German Exhibition, and by translating it, the network can start interchanging this exhibition between the Servian members as well, to showcase it at different locations throughout the basin therefore increasing the outreach of the exhibition. The exhibition narrates the journey of migratory fishes, particularly the resilient ‘Danube Dragons’ that is part of the species of the Danube crested newt. This creature is a symbolic representation of the delicate balance between aquatic life and human intervention. Their existence is threatened by the destruction of their habitats, making it hard to migrate within the area of the Danube.  

The translation of the narrative regarding the difficulties of the migration of the Danube Dragon, as presented in the exhibition, is a great example of the core objective of launching the Healthy Danube Network. This network provides a format where knowledge can be shared between all parties involved, enhancing outreach collectively. In this way, the launch of the network unlocks the potential for widespread sharing and exposure of expertise. Through translations, the existing exhibitions and knowledge among countries can be shared.  
Sharing the story of the difficulties of the migration of the Danube Dragon coincide nicely with the World Fish Migration Day. So, the 24th of May will become a moment to launch the Healthy Danube Network, in combination with celebrating the World Fish Migration Day. This event will mark the beginning of a never-ending exchange of knowledge and cooperation within the Danube Basin.  

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