Promoting the first barrier-free river weir in northern Taiwan

Promoting the first barrier-free river weir in northern Taiwan

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雖然早在1909年,台灣北部的新店溪就已經有了全國第一座魚道,但是因為大家不重視河川生態的保育工作,所以隨後超過一百年期間,沒有繼續建造任何可供魚類洄游的設施。直到2023年七月,新北市政府水利局完成碧潭堰改建工程的同時,也啟用了新的魚道,至今已經有超過三十種的魚蝦蟹類,可以很容易的利用魚道繼續上溯。因為有一個成功有效,以及大眾容易接近觀察的案例,將會繼續推動更上游其他堰壩生物廊道的改善工作。我們希望趁機讓更多的人,可以知道改善堰壩生物廊道的重要性,進而了解一個亞熱帶島嶼國家,更應該重視魚類洄游的保育工作。我們將會舉辦魚道的導覽解說活動,讓更多的民眾可以了解興建魚道的意義,和保護洄游魚類的重要性。 Although the nation’s first fish passage was built in Xindian Creek in northern Taiwan as early as 1909, because people did not emphasize the conservation of the river’s ecology, they did not continue to build any facilities for fish migration for more than a hundred years thereafter. Until July 2023, when the Water Resources Bureau of the New Taipei City Government completed the reconstruction of the Bitan Weir, a new fish passage was also opened, and to date more than 30 species of fish, shrimp and crabs can easily use the fish passage to continue their journey upstream. Because of the success and effectiveness of this project and the public’s easy access to observe it, we will continue to promote the improvement of other weir biological corridors in the upstream area. We hope that more people will take this opportunity to realize the importance of improving the weir corridor, and to understand the importance of fish migration conservation in a subtropical island nation.We will organize guided tours of the fishway so that more people can understand the significance of building fishway and the importance of protecting migratory fish. .

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