Rheophilic fish monitoring on the Danube in Slovakia

Rheophilic fish monitoring on the Danube in Slovakia

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The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Fisheries and Water Conservation (FFPW USB), as a partner of project LIFE Living rivers, in April 2024 started a telemetric study of the fish migration passability of the Slovakian-Hungarian part of the Danube in the Bratislava-Medveďov section.

In total, more than 60 sterlet were tagged, got acoustic transmitter, and released back to the stream to continuously “report” their position in the stream for more than two years. The goal of the activity is to find out as much information as possible about the movement of sturgeons through the project area. To find out where the fishes swim, where they stay, where they cannot swim because they have encountered an impassable migration barrier. Among other things, the “bleeping” sturgeons will thus help us to show how big a problem for their life is the presence and operation of significant migration barriers located in the Slovak-Hungarian section of the Danube.

In the near future, sterlets should be joined by more of their relatives, not only from sturgeons, but also other rheophilic fish species – common barbel and asp. So the tagging of the fish continues…

In case you go fishing to the Danube and you catch our tagged fish, please release them carefully back to the river so that the research on their behaviour can continue. If you report us the place, time, tag number of the individual, we will send you some promotional materials and the fish will be given first name, so that you know who you met 🙂

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