River Rescue: Cleaning and Cruising the Isalnita Lake and Jiu – Danube Confluence

River Rescue: Cleaning and Cruising the Isalnita Lake and Jiu – Danube Confluence

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Join us on a unique journey of environmental exploration and hands-on learning as we embark on a field trip organized by the esteemed “Ape Fara Plastic” association in collaboration with the Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy. This unique excursion, enriched by the participation of enthusiastic first-year students from the Faculty of Geography at the University of Bucharest, promises an immersive experience like no other.

On the 18th of May, our expedition begins with a visit to the Isalnita Reservoir, nestled amidst the piedmont – plain landscapes of the Jiu River. Here, our primary objective is twofold: to delve into the complexities of river ecosystems and to confront the pressing challenge of plastic pollution head-on. Guided by experts from “Ape Fara Plastic”, participants will actively engage in a comprehensive cleanup effort along the banks of the Jiu River.

Following our conservation endeavors, our journey continues on the 19th of May with a kayak cruise along the lower Jiu River Basin, spanning from the village of Zăval to the port of Bechet east the Jiu-Danube Confluence. As we glide gracefully along the river’s currents, a tapestry of geographical features will unfold before our eyes.

Enthusiastic students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a myriad of geographical observations, hydrological measurements, and ecological assessments under the guidance of expert mentors. From tracking fish populations to conducting hydro-sedimentary relief observations of the Danube Islands, every moment of our voyage will be matched by unparalleled learning and discovery.

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