The Nature Conservancy, UNESCO Chair on Tropical Freshwater Management at Ikiam Amazon Regional University and Universiy of the Americas

Migratory Fish in Ecuador: Characteristics and Current Conditions

The Nature Conservancy, Ikiam Amazon Regional University, and the University of the Americas have joined forces to hold a dissemination event aimed not only at highlighting this event but, above all, raising awareness of the importance of migratory fish in the health and dynamics of rivers in Ecuador and worldwide.

Speakers and Topics:

– Pedro Jiménez Prado. Examples of fish migration in Ecuador and their conservation status. The Nature Conservancy, Quito, Ecuador

– Gabriela Echevarría. Trends in migratory catfish fisheries in the Ecuadorian Amazon. University of the Americas, Quito, Ecuador

– Jorge Celi. Exploring the Ecological Consequences of Human Activities on Migratory Fish in the Amazon. Ikiam Amazon Regional University, Tena, Ecuador