Ape Fara Plastic

“Ape fara Plastic” is a dedicated environmental association based in Romania with a mission to combat plastic pollution in rivers. The organization focuses specifically on cleaning up waterways, particularly rivers, to preserve their ecological integrity and safeguard the surrounding ecosystems. Using a combination of community engagement, volunteer efforts, and strategic partnerships, “Ape fara Plastic” organizes and implements cleanup initiatives along rivers, targeting areas where plastic pollution is most severe. Their efforts not only involve removing existing plastic waste but also raising awareness about the importance of reducing plastic consumption and promoting sustainable waste management practices. The association often employs innovative techniques and technologies to tackle plastic pollution effectively, such as using boats equipped with specialized equipment to collect plastic debris from the water. Additionally, they may collaborate with local authorities, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop long-term solutions for mitigating plastic pollution and preserving the health of rivers.

Type of organization: ngo